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From October 5th through December 19th, our class monitored Operation Migration's Fall 2006 Ultralight-aircraft-guided Whooping Crane migration, via the internet.  This year, eighteen captive-raised chicks were taught a migration route from Wisconsin to Florida.  I told my students that my wish is that they will remember this historic event and, one day, tell their children the story about how the Whooping Crane USED TO BE an endangered species and about the remarkable efforts that incredibly creative, talented and dedicated people made to bring the species back from near-extinction!  

Ultralight-guided migration:
"The wildlife equivalent to putting a man on the moon!" 
Marshall Jones, USFWS





  • On March 23rd, our class began tracking the northbound migration of the 62 birds in the Eastern Flock.  Go to the Journey North website for more information and to download your own tracking forms!


  • In early-March, Mrs. Black's six-year-old daughter illustrated a note card to help Operation Migration raise funds in memory of the cranes.  Cards are being sold for $2.00 each, via the Operation Migration websiteOperation Migration reports that fifty cards were sold the first day they were available!!



  • On February 16th, our "Life Lessons for Primary Students" piece was featured on the Journey North website (see "After the Storm"), to help teachers and students across North America with the grief process 



  • Due to the death of the cranes, the Operation Migration visit to our school was postponed.  It did not occur on February 9th, as previously scheduled.


  • On February 6th, a couple in Illinois made a donation to Operation Migration's "remembrance fund," in honour of our class.  We are very grateful to them, for giving us something to celebrate in the midst of our sadness.


  • Tragically, the storms that swept across central Florida, on the night of February 1st/2nd, killing 20 people and destroying 1,500 homes, also claimed the lives of 17 of the 18 juvenile Whooping Cranes we monitored throughout the fall. 



  • On January 12th, our class donated a book to the Harriett Todd Public School Library.  "Whoop Dreams: The Historic Migration," was originally given to our class by the author, Jane Duden, who is also the Whooping Crane editor at Journey North.


  • On January 11th, The Ladies of the Lake Environmental Group phoned Mrs. Black to ask her some questions about the crane project, her impressions of Environmental Education in Simcoe County, and whether she would like to make a presentation, about the crane project, at one of their meetings!


  • On January 11th, Jane Duden, of Journey North, e-mailed to say that the "winner medal," and other party paraphernalia our class mailed to her, had arrived at her home in Minneapolis:

Jane Duden, of Journey North


  • On January 3rd, Mrs. Black delivered "winner medals," and a paper mache crane the class made, to the Operation Migration office in Port Perry, Ontario:

Chris Danilko, of Operation Migration

Joe Duff and Liz Condie, of Operation Migration














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