This course was designed as an enrichment tool for Grade 4-8 gifted and high-achieving students.  

Five 40-minute introductory lessons introduce:

  • internet history

  • commonly-used terminology

  • web page design considerations

  • HTML programming

  • the web page authoring program Dreamweaver

  • planning a class web page

There are five program elements available for download from this site (in pdf-format).  

You will find hotlinks to all other necessary resources in the Teacher's Guide.

ALTERNATIVE:  If Dreamweaver is too complicated for your students, try downloading the latest version of "Sea Monkey" and burning it onto CD-ROMs, for their use. Sea Monkey is Mozilla's free, open-source "All-in-one Internet Application Suite."  It includes a basic and simple-to-use web page composer/editor.

Feel free to download and reproduce any of the items on this page to use with your children or students.

Margaret Black
Rama Central P.S.
Simcoe County District School Board

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