Rama Central Public School     2007-8

FIRST in recycling in the Simcoe County District School Board!

SECOND in overall environmental achievement among Simcoe County Elementary Schools!


Rama Central's Green Team is open to students in Grades 1-8.  Team members are involved in various school-wide "greening" activities throughout the week (e.g. collecting recycling, compost and yard waste) and meet Wednesdays to learn about environmental issues and to produce posters and announcements that encourage others to make our school as environment-friendly as possible.  Our Green Team staff advisor is Mrs. Black.  Mrs. McTaggart, Mrs. Houston and Mrs. Canfield also play integral roles in our environmental program.

This year some of our projects include:

  • instituting a "boomerang lunch program"

  • participating in "Pitch-in Canada" waste reduction activities

  • educating students about recycling

  • encouraging energy and water conservation

  • instituting a composting program

  • promoting school-wide Earth Hour and  Earth Day activities

  • conducting weekly school yard "trash patrols"

  • tending to our school's butterfly garden

  • becoming certified as an "ecoActive" School

  • providing incentives for other students to participate

We are sharing information about our projects via:

  • a "green tips" bulletin board

  • hand-made and commercially-produced posters

  • morning announcements

  • the school newsletter

  • this web page

We are also learning about "green" pest control at school and home, via a series of online lesson plans that Mrs. Black helped to create.


For more information see:  2007-8 Environmental Program Overview:  Rama Central P.S.

Read the School Board's 2007-8 Environmental Incentive Awards Announcement


This is our Spring 2008 schedule:

  • Compost Crew  
    empty classroom compost containers
    daily @ the beginning of second recess

  • Trash Patrollers
    clean up the schoolyard Mondays @ first recess

  • Recycling Reps.
    empty school recycling bins 
    Tuesdays & Fridays @ second recess

  • Green Team Workshop
    Wednesdays @ first recess 

Photos of Green Team activities and Resource Links for parents follow...


Our "green tips" bulletin board

Grade 1 & 2 students making "boomerang lunch" posters

A Grade 3 student making a green team announcement

Grade 3 and 6 Trash Patrollers 
with our Earth Day Spring Yard-Cleaning "loot bags"

Veteran Grade 8 Recycling Reps. Clinton and Glenn
training younger Green Team members

New Recycling Reps. at work


Grade 6 and 4 Compost Crew members at work

Now we are FIVE...
our composting program became so popular that
our original two composters (on the left) couldn't keep up!

Empty compost containers ready to be returned to classrooms

Grade 3 and 4 Green Team members making trophies for classes
with great waste reduction and recycling practices

 A Grade 3 student holding one of our  certificates and trophies


March 20, 2008:  Mrs. Wilson's Grade 1 Class
March 27, 2008
:  Mrs. Mihills' and Mrs. Billark's Grade 2 Class
March 27, 2008
:  Mrs. Torrey's Grade 7/8 Class
April 2, 2008
:  Mrs. Halbot's Grade 3 Class
April 2, 2008
:  Mrs. Metcalf's Grade 6 Class
April 11, 2008:  Mrs. Cole's Kindergarten Class
April 17, 2008
:  Mrs. McRob's Grade 3 Class

Plants for the school gardens
growing in classrooms prior to planting



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