Camp Sponsorship

In 2003, Margaret and a friend of hers financially-sponsored two underprivileged children for a week of summer day camp, at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, in memory of Gordon.

In 2004, Margaret sought and received permission from the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre to launch a Gordon Black Memorial Camp-Sponsorship Fund.  This is an annual fund-raising initiative aimed at giving more underprivileged children an opportunity to attend the Wye Marsh's summer day camp.  Each year, Margaret sponsors one child and "rounds the fund up to the nearest child," after the May/June deadline for donations.  Local social service agencies determine which children receive sponsorships.

Between 2003 and 2015, our friends, relatives and other generous donors contributed $24,619., enough to send 186 children to day camp, for a week, on full sponsorship!

July 2008:  Wye Marsh Executive Director, Laurie Schutt, 
presents Margaret and her daughter with a photograph 
in celebration of the 80th child to receive 
a camp-sponsorship, in Gord's Memory

Gordon would be incredibly pleased that less-fortunate youngsters are being given an opportunity to discover the wonders, the beauty and the solace of nature at an early age... in his memory!

The Wye Marsh's summer day camp, “Camp Marshes and Moccasins,” is an accredited member of the Ontario Camping Association, meeting quality standards for leadership, program, facilities and safety.   The camp is located at The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, in the beautiful Wye Valley, just outside the town of Midland, Ontario.  At “Camp Marshes and Moccasins,” children experience a fun-filled, exciting adventure exploring nature's best-kept secrets and mysteries.

The program includes:

     -  Live Wildlife Presentations
Discovery Hikes
    -  Canoeing
    -  Wet and Wild Days
    -  Outdoor Adventure Games
    -  Special Theme Days and Weeks
    -  Campfires & Singsongs
    -  Nature Arts & Crafts

Camper Ages:  Regular Camp  6-12 years old; Kinder Camp  4-5 years old

Times:  July and August, Monday–Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Click on the graphic below to view a recent information flyer/donation form that Wye Marsh created to promote the Gordon Black Memorial Camp-Sponsorship Fund:

2009 sponsorship illustration