Forty nature poems written for Gordon

to commemorate Valentine's Day

and our first six months as friends

Alpha to Omega... 

Love Emm

     February 14, 1999            


Magical, mystical, wonderful snow;  
shimmers by day,  
and at night's all aglow.  

Intricate flakes gently blanket the land,  
while nature rests, under  
the spell of the The Sandman.  

December 24, 1998  

As daylight dwindles.  
Moon comes to play,  
at the end of a winter day.  

One by one,  
the stars emerge soon.  
Orion dances with the man in the moon!  

December 24, 1998  

Up before dawn to greet the day  
Casey and I, we slip away.  
Back to the woods we beat our hooves,  
to watch night turn into day.  

Christmas dawns in the wintery wood,  
as an orange glow, low in the sky.  
Not a creature is stirring, at this early hour,  
'cept my trusty companion and I.  

"All is calm, and all is bright,"  
like on that first Christmas morn.  
Silence and solitude warm my soul,  
and, with joy, my heart do adorn!  

December 25, 1998  

The woods are dressed,   
in their Christmas best,  
with a lovely, light dusting of white.  
Such modest, yet grand, decorating,  
is a glorious, heavenly sight!  

December 25, 1998  

Whiskers are covered with crystals of ice,  
as breath meets the cold air of dawn.  
Case lives to run free in the forest,  
...where we both feel as if we belong.  

December 25, 1998  

Humber River, suspended in time;  
A channel of tarnished pewter;  
Until the warm rays of Spring come along,  
to free the Humber from winter.  

December 26, 1998  

Jack Frost always   
amazes and delights,  
with artwork that magically   
appears overnight.  

Glass is his canvas   
and ice is his paint.  
He draws lines and patterns;   
intricate shapes.  

Jack's crystal images,   
etched in the cold,  
rival the works  
of Renoir and Van Gogh.  

December 27, 1998  

'Tis the season,   
the sun hangs low in the sky,  
enlarging the landscape;   
playing tricks on the eye.  
Immense, gray columns  
criss-cross the snow;  
even small seedlings,  
huge shadows do throw!  

December 28, 1998  

Stark silhouette;  
Black on white...  
Leafless tree,  
Backlit by sunlight.  

December 29, 1998  

Arctic blast  
brings the birds to our yard.  
Life in the out of doors  
must be so hard.  

With the mercury dipping,  
and icy winds whipping,  
the birds feast all day,  
to keep cold at bay.  

Arctic blast  
brings the birds to our yard...  

December 30, 1998  

Small, round pellets, much like snow,  
The gale, upon my window, blows.  
Their gentle knocking bids me come,  
And join them in some wintery fun!  

December 31, 1998  


The north-wind kicks up clouds of white.  
Its frigid air packs quite a bite.  
Some people say, "what a beastly day,"  
but I say, "let's go out and play!"  
Let's bundle-up in polar fleece,  
and run and jump with the wintery beast.  
What better way to feel alive,  
than to venture forth... at -25?!  

January 1, 1999  


A blizzard looms large on the radar   
   screen... the birds already know.  
All day long they've been gorging   
   themselves, anticipating the snow.  
Soon, they'll ride out Mother Nature's   
   storm, in the arms of one of her pines.  
She provides for the needs of her little   
   ones... she guides and protects their lives.  

January 2, 1999  


announces its presence,  
with a patter upon the roof.  

But snow sneaks-up,  
like a thief in the night:  
stealthy, silent, aloof.  

Flake upon flake  
becomes drift upon drift,  
as snow gently settles on land.  

Transforming drab, brown  
into glittering white,  
with a wave of snow's wondrous hand.  

January 3, 1999  


The snow on the road  
is like cookie dough,  
eight or nine inches deep.  

It crumbles and shifts  
under tire or foot...  
and looks good enough to eat!  

January 4, 1999  

                                                       a thrill! 

January 5, 1999  

Whispy, satin clouds  
smeared across the blue:  
a watercolour masterpiece  
of richly blended hues...  
what an awesome sky!!  

January 6, 1999  

Gleaming rows of crystal spears,  
menacing dragon's teeth,  
cascade downward perilously,  
from archways and from eaves...  
These glassy, frozen sculptures,  
known as icicles,  
are most impressive to behold  
...winter miracles.  

January 7, 1999  

Giant, fluffy snowflakes,  
swirl about in the air,  
unaware of gravity,  
as they dance without a care!  

January 8, 1999  


Tracks, in the snow, tell a story,  
of a winter creature's day...  
a rare glimpse into a secret life,  
of work, and caution, and play.  

Some tracks share the epic,  
of a creature's quest for food;  
of hunting or of foraging,  
in groups, or in solitude.  

Others reveal the saga,  
of a creature's flight from harm;  
of dashing to find shelter,  
at the first sign of alarm.  

Still others tell the wonderful tale,  
of exploration and fun;  
of a creature, at home in the great outdoors,  
enjoying the freedom to run.  

Reading these varied stories,  
by seeking-out nature's clues,  
is a lost art, an adventure,   
and a joy, understood by few...  

January 9, 1999  

Snow as high as an elephant's eye,  
the land's contours do modify:  
molehills to mountains; fields to plateaus;  
wind-swept drifts that ebb and flow;  
valleys, looking high and dry...  
"a little white lie," exemplified!  

January 10, 1999  

A foreboding cloud looms overhead.  
Some flee the park, with a sense of dread.  
Those of us who stay behind,  
are in for quite a treat...  
scores of flakes burst from the sky;  
a thick, white wintery sheet!  

January 11, 1999  

The fence posts   
have donned toques of white...  
little snowy caps, so bright.  
They greet me   
as I walk to work,  
and send a smile my way.  

January 12, 1999  

and spruce   
low; with the   
of more new snow...   
I wonder   
how much they can   
before this load,   
boughs, will   

January 13, 1999  

Eight little starlings  
huddle on a sill,  
surviving by instinct  
and sheer will.  
With wind chills nipping,  
and daylight dipping,  
they pool their heat,  
and hunker-down, to sleep.  
Rest well, little ones...   

January 14, 1999  

An amazing substance, is powder snow...  
water, converted to fluff!  
Light and airy; shifting like sand  
when'ere the wind huffs and puffs.  

Equally wondrous is packing snow...  
water, converted to slush.  
Heavy and sticky; immovable,  
like day-old oatmeal mush!  

January 15, 1999  

Milder days, in the midst of the freeze,  
change flakes to clear, flowing glass.  
It runs o'er the land,  
as crystals disband,  
and reminds us that this too shall pass...  

January 16, 1999  

The sun burns its way,   
   through the icy haze,  
and smiles upon the snow fields,   
   this January day.  
So powerful the glow,   
   off the pearly snow,  
that eyes wince, and turn away,   
   from the blinding glow.  

Through squinting slits, again I turn,  
   to gaze upon the scene.  
A more breath-taking, dazzling sight,  
   there has seldom been:  
a zillion gorgeous diamonds,  
   energized by light,  
each gleam and glisten,  
   with radiant delight!  

January 17, 1999  

Thunder rumbles, at first dawn,  
   bringing rain our way.  
Drizzling, dripping, trickling,  
   are the order of the day.  

White mountains shrivel,  
   like "The Wicked Witch" of Oz,  
and lowlands become waterways,  
   amid such winter thaws...  

January 18, 1999  

Winter's raw breath   
   howls through the trees;  
they shake, and shiver, and moan.  

The mighty gale  
   rips the remnants of fall  
from the branches on which they   
   had grown.  

And sends these leaves  
   and other debris  
flying to parts unknown...  

Winter's raw breath  
    from the northwest  
is a frigid, relentless cyclone.  

January 19, 1999  

Billows on the horizon,  
bring to mind a mountainous land:  
a place with enormous snow-capped peaks,  
glacier-fed rivers, and inclines, steep,  
Grizzlies, goats and Bighorn Sheep,  
a wilderness, steps from these city streets.  

But alas, it's all an illusion...  
just clouds, and nothing more.  

January 20, 1999  

The blue glow of twilight snow,  
under a crescent moon,  
is a portrait of serenity,  
that inspires wild hearts to croon...  

January 21, 1999  

Drizzle spray paints the snowfields,   
with a crispy crust of glaze;  
a fragile skin that cracks, and caves in,  
with each footstep that I take.  
Rough edges tug at my ankles,  
as I pull each boot from its hole.  
Traversing the land is not easy, today...  
but it's very good for the soul.  

January 22, 1999  

As snow banks continue to shrivel and shrink,   
amid this mid-winter melt,  
bushes awaken and stretch their twigs,  
under mountains 'neath which they've long dwelt...  
and dig, to free themselves from their cold tomb;   
to reach delicate arms to the sky.  
In triumph, they shout to all who can hear,  
"Look at me, world!  I'm still alive!"  

January 23, 1999  

Robins in the snow, look so out of place,  
   eking out a living, in this frigid space.  
Spindly little legs, unfit for the cold...  
   such a pitiful sight to behold.  
Fly south robins, to a warmer clime,  
   and don't return until it's Springtime!  

January 24, 1999  

New snow flutters earthward,  
to shroud winter's tired, old face;  
concealing bumps and blemishes,  
with fresh coat of satin and lace.  

January 25, 1999  

The calm before the forecast' storm,  
is eerie to behold:  
the sun is shining, without care,  
a gentle breeze is in the air,  
the temperature is oddly fair;  
but just beyond the horizon,  
looms a winter stranglehold...  

January 26, 1999  

Ice splinters, underfoot;  
shatter, snap and squeak,  
trudge, trudge, trudge, trudge,  
crunch and crackle, creak!  

January 27, 1999  


I'm dreamin' of winter adventures with you,  
my fellow wilderness heart;  
of simple pleasures and profound joys,  
that only nature imparts.  

I'm dreamin' of leaving the world behind,  
upon your snowmobile;  
of scenic vistas and animal tracks,  
and silence that is surreal.  

I'm dreamin' of sitting in the snow,  
sharing a Thermos of stew,  
and frozen pieces of your French Bread...  
a pleasure enjoyed by few.  

I'm dreamin' of crawling into our tent,  
the first time we winter-camp,  
and wondering if we've lost our minds,  
as we zip-up, and turn out the lamp.  

Such pleasures and joys await us, G.,  
just over a distant hill;  
solitude, together...  
enjoying the winter chill!  

January 6 and 27, 1999  

I never saw winter's grand subtleties,  
before you entered my heart.  
You've helped me come to know winter,   
as a wonderful work of art!  

Thank you for inspiring me, so,  
with your "kindredness," and your love.  
These forty poems, I return to you,  
as a token of my true love...  

January 28, 1999

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