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Since 2007, Emily has been using her love of art to promote the work
of conservation groups. This page shows some of the pieces she has made
to raise funds for these organizations.


In 2007, six year old Emily designed a trio of art cards to support the work of two non-profit conservation organizations.  Operation Migration is selling their card via their website and the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre is selling their two cards via their gift shop.

Operation Migration Note Card:

Emily holding some of her cards

Emily dropping off a shipment of 300 cards
at the Operation Migration offices in Port Perry, Ontario

The notice about Emily's art cards, on the Operation Migration website


Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre Note Cards:

Emily holding one of her cards
in the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre gift shop

In 2008, Emily's entry into the Wye Marsh's Sweetwater Festival Drawing Contest took first prize in her age category and first prize overall.  Her illustration will be used to promote next year's festival.  Below, Emily is pictured at the contest prize presentation.

Contest Judge Carol Currie explains
what she and fellow judge Stuart Leggett
liked about each winning entry

The first and second prize winners
in each of three age categories

Emily with Contest Judges/Artists/Gallery Owners 
Carol Currie and Stuart Leggett

Emily pointing to her illustration

In 2008, Emily started illustrating the flyer for The Gordon Black Memorial Camp Sponsorship Fund. The fund enables underprivileged children to attend the Wye Marsh's day camp, for free, in memory of Emily's dad. Here are her flyer illustrations to date:







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