Curriculum Documents
When developing any specially-themed cross-curricular unit, the starting place is always the curriculum documents.
Ontario Curriculum Documents 

The main objective is to see how the special theme can be meshed with curriculum expectations that need to be covered.  Northern, dog sledding and Yukon Quest themes can easily be integrated into reading, writing, media literacy, oral language, numeration, data management, art, Grade 5 science and Grade 6 social studies instruction.

These are some of the main resources we are using, related to the northern, dog sledding and Yukon Quest theme:

 Web Resources

This is a sample of our online resources.  For more, see the 'LINKS' section of this web page.

Yukon Quest Website

Yukon Quest Official Website

Yukon College Quest Site

Yukon College Quest Student Site

Official Yukon Quest Facebook Page
Yukon Quest Facebook Page

Winterdance Facebook Page

Winterdance Facebook Page
Environment Canada Website
Environment Canada Website

US National Weather Service
US Weather Service Website

Map Resources
Map of North America Yukon Quest Route Map  
Terrain Map of the race Elevation Map of the race
A variety of maps.  (Pictured: a map
our home and the race locations,
a Yukon map with checkpoints,
a terrain map and an elevation diagram.)

Print Resources
Book Display
A selection of northern-themed books from my personal library.
Iditarod Dreamer
Our class` daily read-aloud is the book Hank and Tanya wrote
about his 2010 Iditarod experience.
(this book is available in print and e-format via the Winterdance website)
Rules, tips and other Quest documents
Race history, rules, tips for rookie mushers, a guide to the terrain,
and a book of Yukon Quest experiences.
Most of the print-outs are from the Yukon Quest Official Website
Musher Biographies
A participant list and musher biographies from the Yukon Quest Official Website
(pictured are Hank DeBruin, Hans Gatt and Hugh Neff)

 Video Resources
Video Resources
Video clips from the Yukon Quest, Iditarod, "From Alaska" and Winterdance
websites help students to visualize wilderness survival in an Arctic winter
environment and what the Yukon Quest entails.
Yukon Quest: Spirit of the North Video
The documentary "Yukon Quest: Spirit of the North"
provides students with a window into the race itself.


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