Reflections on Student Learning

Completed on Monday, June 13, 2011 -- following Hank and Tanya's visit to our classroom...

Class Reflections: "What We Did"

  • heard of The Yukon Quest, for the first time

  • learned about the race route, checkpoints and rules

  • learned about the training and what mushers and dogs need to survive the race

  • compared the race route and mushers in the Yukon Quest and Iditarod

  • learned about the "structure" of old-style and modern racing sleds

  • learned about different types of sled dogs

  • watched a flyover of the race route

  • sent "friendly letters" to Hank before the race

  • sponsored Hank's lead dog, Lily (with Mrs. Black's help)

  • sent Hank a class picture (he kept it in the sled during the race!)

  • read "Iditarod Dreamer"... by Hank and Tanya!

  • did a Reading Challenge

  • did lots of "musher math" problems that Tanya sent us

  • wrote mini-biographies of all the mushers in the race

  • tracked Hank and other mushers during the race

  • looked at videos and photos of the race

  • heard about hilarious things, and difficult things that happened during the race

  • compared our temperature and daylight hours to Hank's during the race

  • learned "left" and "right" in musher language

  • learned how to read a topographic map the day Hank conquered Eagle Summit!

  • got to be on a website

  • sent Hank paper lanterns and a banner signed by the whole school to congratulate him on finishing

  • got pictures of Hank's dogs

  • had two parties at school


  • got our pictures taken with Hank

  • got a dog boot that was worn in the Yukon Quest, to take home!


Individual Reflections:  "What I'll Remember Most"

  • I will remember Hank because he was one of the few mushers that finished the Yukon Quest this year.  (Chris P.)

  • I will remember all the fun things we did: finding out about the team, tracking Hank and doing math questions.  It impresses me that Hank could keep going no matter how cold it was, or how difficult.  He finished the race!  I could never do that.  (Brittany)

  • I will remember Lily because she was in the Quest and Iditarod, and she reminds me of my dogs. She ran over 1,000 miles, and that's impressive!  I will also remember the party we had because we had lots of treats, a turtle (Hank rescued from the highway on the way to our school), a guy who has dog sledded like more than 1,000 miles and his wife.  (Tristan)

  • I will remember that Hank had the strength to go 1,000 miles through the cold winter and that he had icicles stuck to his beard.  That was cool!  I also will remember that I know somebody that has been in the Yukon Quest, and that we were his fan club.  It's cool that he got the Red Lantern, because he struggled but still finished!  (Dana)

  • I will remember that The Yukon Quest is 1,000 miles long!  When I first hear how long the race was, I was shocked!  If I didn't know how long the race was, I would have guessed only 5 miles.  (Sara)

  • I will remember Hank because he was brave and had courage.  I will remember the dog team because of their excitement to start the race!  (Chris W.)

  • I will remember Hank and the team because I met him and I saw pictures of his dogs.  (Dustyn)

  • I will remember how well the dogs worked together because I could never cooperate for that long!  (Drake)

  • I will remember that time when Hank was going up Eagle Summit, because we watched him try to climb up it (on the live tracking map).  He looked like a tiny ant and I was scared that he wouldn`t make it.  (Matt)

  • I will remember when Hank, Tanya and their daughter came to our class and he handed out our Reading Challenge certificates.  We had a really big party!  Another thing is:  I couldn`t believe and was shocked that Hank ran dogs for 1,000 miles, from Whitehorse to Fairbanks.  (Justin)

  • I will remember when Hank came 13th in The Yukon Quest and won the Red Lantern Award.  He didn`t care about winning.  He just wanted to finish the race.  (Eric)

  • I will remember Hank because he was the only musher from Ontario.  The second thing I will remember is the big mountains he had to go up during his journey through 1,000 miles.  (Dawson)

  • I will remember the dogs and the race because they`re the most interesting.  I will also remember how long the track was and all the mushers.  Hank was the last musher to finish.  He got the Red Lantern.  (Mitch)

  • I will remember that Hank believes in himself.  He was last, but he still finished.  I will remember him coming to the class and me being so excited. (Alise)

  • I will remember that Hank was very brave because I could not have done what he did.  I would have been scared.  (Hillary)

  • I will remember meeting Hank because he was in The Yukon Quest.  I loved it when he got the Red Lantern!  (Corey)

  • I will remember getting my picture taken with Hank because I can say and have proof that I met Hank DeBruin!  I will also remember Hank and his team because of all those videos we watched of all the dogs.  (Quinn)

  • I will remember the party that we had with Hank, because he signed the Reading Challenge sheets and I will remember the booties Hank gave us because they smell sooooo much!  (Andrew)

  • I will remember the intensity when Hank`s tracker was turned off, the hilarious stories that happened during the race (Dan Kaduce forgetting his jacket and hitch-hiking, etc.), tracking Hank in class and getting the chance to meet Hank himself and hear all his wonderful stories!  (Rachel)

  • I will remember meeting Hank at the last party, because we got to meet a person that was actually in the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.  Amazing!  Another thing that I will remember is that he actually brought us (a picture of our class ) with him in the sled, all the way to the end!  (Hailey)


A Few Excerpts From Thank You Letters Sent to Hank After His Visit

  • Your visit made me very happy.  Thank you for bringing the Red Lantern and giving me a dog boot.

  • It was so cool when we got to meet you!

  • When you guys came, I was so happy that my face went beet red.  It made me feel like I was meeting a Superstar.  That`s how awesome it was meeting you!

  • Thank you for coming to our class and showing us your slide show!

  • I love the booties you gave to our class and thank you for signing my Reading Challenge sheet!

  • It was awesome having you here!  I will always remember you and your team because of the picture with you...

  • Thank you for coming and giving us autographs!

  • When you guys came, I felt star-struck!  Following you guys and all of your adventures was exciting and to finally meet you guys, well... WOW!  You guys inspire me because I know your dream was to complete the Yukon Quest, even if it took you days and nights and you were last!  That made me believe you should follow your dreams and you WILL succeed!


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