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My daughter Emily is a...


For her sixth, seventh and eighth birthdays,  Emily decided to forego gifts 
and, instead, ask friends and relatives to donate money to help her 
sponsor the care and feeding of animals at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre. 
Her three-year fund raising campaign raised $1,040.!

At age 10, she decided it was time to sponsor an animal again...



The Muskoka Wildlife Centre, which closed in May 2013, was an interactive learning park that provided housing for un-releasable native wildlife.  Some of the resident animals were ex-pets or were abandoned, while others were injured in the wild.  The centre also maintained the largest, live-animal accompanied education program of its kind in Canada, delivering over 1,300 on-site and off-site presentations each year.  

Emily and I were members of the Muskoka Wildlife Centre
from December 2002 to December 2012.



In 2011-12 Emily sponsored
"Kingston" the Endangered Black Rat Snake
This is Emily with Kingston in April 2011:

Em with Kingston April 2011


Emily, presenting her 2008 sponsorship donations to
"Kingston" the Black Rat Snake and Muskoka Wildlife Centre Interpreter Katrina:


Emily and friends,
during a February 2008 visit to the centre: 

"Chocolate" and "Lucky" the Moose

"Myrtle" the Box Turtle

"Fergus" the Gigantico Bullfrog!


Emily petting "Woody" the juvenile beaver
during a December 2007 Meet the Creature presentation:


Emily, presenting her 2007 sponsorship donations to "Oliver" and Keith,
and assisting "Kingston" and Keith with an educational presentation, 
in November 2007:

Oliver" is involved in over 100 onsite and offsite
educational presentations each year.

Kingston" is involved in over 400 onsite and offsite
educational presentations a year!


Emily visiting with "Kingston" and "Oliver," 
during a Spring 2007 trip to the centre:


A photo collage from Emily's November 2006 birthday party,
which was held at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre:


Emily meeting "Indiana" the Opossum, 
in January 2006:


Emily petting "Flower" the skunk,
during an educational presentation in the Summer of 2005:


These two pictures show Emily visiting the centre in the Winter of 2003, 
when she was just two years old!

"Clover" the Ground Hog

"Zeus" the Moose

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