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Wildlife Rehabilitation

Supporting The National Wildlife Centre

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The National Wildlife Centre, established as a Canadian registered charity in 2014,
provides expert medical advice and veterinary care to wildlife undergoing rehabilitation at Ontario sanctuaries, including Aspen Valley, Shades of Hope and Woodlands.

The centre also helps to protect ecosystems and populations of wild animals
via public education, creating collaborative opportunities for scientists and rehabilitators,
 and providing training to students, veterinarians, rehabilitators and the public.

We are supporting the work of The National Wildlife Centre, via monthly donations.


The National Wildlife Centre's mobile veterinary clinic.

Dr. Sherri Cox of The National Wildlife Centre,
in her mobile clinic, examining and feeding
one of three orphaned Black Bear cubs
that had just flown from B.C. to Ontario,
to be rehabbed at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dr. Cox at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
applying a cast to a beaver whose leg was
broken in a Conibear trap.

Dr. Cox performing life-saving dental surgery
on a beaver being rehabilitated at
Aspen Valley Wildllife Sanctuary

Dr. Cox, at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary,
surgically repairing the injured tail of a raccoon found
in a parking lot in Barrie, sporting a harness.

Dr. Cox engaged in a surgical marathon,
amputating frostbitten tail tips from eight opossums
at Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge.

Dr. Cox pinning a swan's broken wing,
at Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge

Dr. Cox applying a cast to the broken leg
of a fawn, at Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge.

Dr. Cox setting the broken leg of a loon
that I drove to Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary.  :-)


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