Welcome to Grade 2!

Mrs. Margaret Black

Rama P.S. — Room 104

Sept. 7, 2005

Dear Parents:

       My name is Margaret Black and I will be your child’s Grade Two teacher.

       As he or she may have mentioned, I have decorated our classroom in a “camping theme,” featuring a silent-reading tent and table groups named after Canadian forest animals.  It is my hope that our imaginary “camp-setting” will add an extra creative and fun dimension to the Grade Two learning experience.

       This year, we will begin our language and math programs with a review of concepts studied in Grade One.  Then, during language periods, we will be further developing reading and writing skills.  We will also have weekly spelling dictations:  practice tests will be on Wednesdays; final tests on Thursdays.  Our first math unit will focus on sorting and patterning.  Wherever possible, I will also be integrating language and math instruction into other curriculum areas. 

       The Gym and Library schedules are not yet available.  I will send you more
information, as soon as possible.  Your child does not need special clothing for gym, but he or she does need to leave a pair of “indoor running shoes,” at school, to keep our floors clean, to avoid injury and to wear for gym.

           Attached, you will find a questionnaire, intended to help me better get to know your child.  Please fill it out and return it to school by next Monday.  This week, we will start using Agendas to facilitate school-home communication.  If you haven’t already done so, please send $4.00 to school, to help defray the cost of these books. 

       Next week, I will start assigning weekly spelling and math homework.  Homework folders will be sent home each Friday and will be due back at school the following Thursday.  It is expected that your child will also read daily, as part of his/her home routine.

       Next week, we will start a “Super Camper” program which will celebrate the unique character and talents of one of our students each week.  When it is your child’s turn, he or she will be encouraged to bring in several pictures of his/her family, pets and favorite activities, to share with the class.  Each day, I will also be appointing one student to serve as “Camp Counselor”  (a.k.a. “special helper”).

           If you have any questions or concerns about your child or our program, please don’t hesitate to contact me, via the school phone number (689-2031) or the following e-mail address:  mcgyver@flashmail.com