October Newsletter 2005

Mrs. Black

Rama Central P.S., Rm. 104

Dear Parents,


We are very pleased at how quickly the children have adjusted to the new school year and to the
“balanced school day.”


Thank you for your support of the agenda.  Its continued use will form part of your child’s grade for
homework completion on the report card.  Please be sure to check both the weekly page and the pocket at the back of the agenda, each night.  There may be important notes for you in either of these two areas.


One of the most effective ways you can help your child to become literate is to share books with him/her regularly (every night is ideal).  Library book exchange is on Wednesdays.  Some students are returning their classroom-to-home reading bags frequently, but forgetting to exchange their books.  Mrs. Canfield (Educational Assistant) and I will be renewing our efforts to ensure that students remember to do so.  Grade One students should be exchanging their classroom books almost every day; the frequency for Grade Two students depends upon the length of books chosen (i.e. “chapter books” may take several nights to read).


Most students have completed all the weekly homework assignments to date.  However, a few students (and their parents) have not chosen to make homework a priority.  Developing a good attitude and good habits, regarding homework, is extremely important for four reasons:  homework reinforces the learning we are doing in class; homework provides you with insights into what your child is studying, at a given time; homework will become an increasingly important learning tool, as your child progresses through Elementary and Secondary (and Post-Secondary) education; homework habits are reflected in the
Learning Skills section of your child’s report card.


Our “Balanced Literacy Program” is in full swing.  It has many interrelated component parts:  guided reading, shared reading, independent reading, guided writing, modeled writing, independent writing (which includes personal journal writing), spelling, phonics and printing.  In Math, we have completed our first patterning unit.  We are now involved with units entitled Exploring Number (Grade One) and Number to 50 (Grade 2).  In Science, we are examining the characteristics and needs of living things.  Grade One students from our room are joining Mrs. Hartley and her Grade One class, for Science.  I am teaching
Science to the Grade Two’s from our class and from Mrs. Metcalf’s Grade 2/3 class.  In Health, we are studying safety.  In Gym we are practicing locomotor skills.  We are also participating in “walk/jog” four days a week, as weather permits.  Mrs. Houston, the new Librarian, is responsible for teaching our class Library Skills and Social Studies; Miss Wigle is responsible for Music and Drama.  Miss Wigle’s Grade Five students are our “Reading Buddies.”


If your child plans to purchase milk, hot dogs, pizza or ice cream, please have him/her store the money in his/her lunch bag, so it doesn’t go astray and is readily available when needed.  Pizza is $1.75 per slice this year (the price quoted in School Newsletter #1 was an error). 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or concerns.


    Sincerely,                                                     mcgyver@flashmail.com