November Newsletter 2005

Mrs. Black

Rama Central P.S., Rm. 104

Dear Parents,


It was a pleasure to have an opportunity to meet with each of you, last week.  I hope you found our
Student-led Conferences helpful.  The children seemed to enjoyed reading for you, and showing you their work, and classroom.


As I mentioned to most of you, during interviews, a class web page will soon be online.  There, you will be able to view pictures of students involved in many different classroom activities and special events, as well as student work samples.  Over the past month, the class has been writing a story, as a group.  It is a spooky, Halloween tale entitled “Breakdown.”  That story, including illustrations by all members of the class, will also be available for viewing on the web page.  We are just waiting for a technician from the Simcoe Board to come to the school, to set up a sub-directory for our web page on the school server. 
As soon as that happens, I will inform you of the web page address.


I want to welcome Sherri Lynn Burgie to our class.  She is a Grade 12 co-op student (and a graduate of Rama Central), who is considering a career in Early Childhood Education. Sherri Lynn will be in our room every morning between now and the end of January.  She will be running a language centre of her own, while I am involved in Guided Reading, and will assist students, as needed, with other language-based activities.  Sherri Lynn will receive two Grade 12 credits for completing her placement in our class. 
Welcome Miss Burgie!


In Math, we have now completed units on Patterning and Numeration.  Last week, we began a unit on Data Management.  This is a fun area of math that involves data collection via surveys, and analysis via graphs and other visual means.  In Science, we are finishing up our unit examining the characteristics and needs of living things.  On Thursday, our Grade One students will be joining Mrs. Hartley’s class on a Grade One field trip to The Muskoka Wildlife Centre.  In Health, we have been reviewing material about food groups and healthy eating, which was also touched on during Science classes.  In Gym, we are practicing locomotor skills and have played some fun and educational outdoor games that tie in with our Science unit (moving like animals; predator-prey tag games).  We are also continuing to participate in walk/jog four days a week, as weather permits.


REGARDING MONEY!  Within our last math unit, we did some work with coins.  All students could benefit from additional exposure to coins, at home.  First of all, please reinforce, with your child, the value of each coin.  Secondly, for those who are not yet proficient at counting by 2’s, 5’s or 10’s, get them to pair up pennies and count them by two’s, tally up the value of nickels by using them as “counting by fives” counters and tally up the value of dimes by using them as “counting by tens” counters.  Thirdly, Grade Two students need to use various combinations of coins to represent particular values (such as showing 45 cents as nine nickels... or as a quarter, a dime and two nickels).  You can help with this task by making up “store games,” at home.  That is, by giving your child a collection of coins and asking him/her to “pay for” dessert, etc.  After he or she is proficient at paying with exact change, try reversing the roles.  That is, purchase items from him or her, not using exact change.  See if your child can determine how much change you are owed.  The process of learning this important life-skill can be a fun, family activity!


      Sincerely,        Margaret A. Black                    

Simcoe Board Character Trait...

of the Month:  RESPECT!