May 2006 Newsletter

Mrs. Black

Rama Central P.S., Rm. 104



This is the number of minutes the class has completed, thus far, in “The Great Spring Reading Challenge!”  With four weeks still to go, nine of nineteen students have already met or exceeded the goal of 1,000 minutes of home reading between mid-February and the end of May.  Four more are within 100 minutes of the goal.  At the end of the challenge, we will have a class party.  Students are welcome to bring treats to share with the class.  I will send additional information, near the end of May.  On “party day,” there will also be Certificates of Achievement, for all students, listing the number of minutes of home reading they completed between February 16th and May 31st.  We hope Mrs. Preston will be available, to present these certificates.


In Language, we recently completed a unit on non-fiction writing.  We are now involved in reading and writing poetry. Our Primary Department’s current “SMART GOAL” involves teaching students to add interesting descriptive words to their writing.  Poetry is an ideal forum for this writing emphasis.  In the “Nelson Math Program,” we just completed a unit on time and money.  Our next unit, for both grades, is “Geometry.”  Within the next two weeks, both grades will be finishing up their Science unit on “Matter and Materials” and will be starting a unit on Earth Sciences.  This month, in Health, will be continuing character education.  In gym, we have been studying soccer skills, outdoors, and have been participating in “Walk/jog” four days per week.  We have also completed one reading reflection outdoors (for Earth Day) and enjoyed a period reading under the shade of the pines at the back of the school property, with our reading buddies from Grade Five. 


To commemorate “Education Week,” all classes at Rama Central will be showcasing student work, in the gym, from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3rd and from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 4th.  Our class will be featuring a camp-themed display of student writing, complete with camp chairs, an artificial spruce tree and an electric “campfire!”  Our display will also feature students participating in two “reader’s theatre” plays.  These will be available for viewing via DVD.  Please drop by and visit the “Camp Rama” display!   (The Grade One’s have an additional entry in the Education Week exhibition.  You can view the pop bottle train cars they completed in Science class, with Mrs. Hartley, as part of her class display.)


In case you haven’t visited the class web page recently, there are new additions in the Student Work and Events sections.  The web page is located at: (click on “Classes”).




Margaret A. Black