February 2006 Newsletter

Mrs. Black

Rama Central P.S., Rm. 104

Dear Parents,


A belated Happy New Year!  Here are some items of interest:


In the area of “literacy,” the Rama Central P.S. Primary Department just completed a six week,
intensive teaching session on the proper use of “conventions” in writing.  I am pleased to report that almost every student in our class improved in both his/her ability to identify errors in faulty passages of writing and in using conventions, such as capitals and periods, appropriately in his/her own writing! 


Students did a great job completing their holiday journals!  We all enjoyed it when they brought them back to class and shared them with us.  Beginning this Friday, three students per week will have an opportunity to write a story at home, instead of completing the regular homework assignment.  When it is your child’s turn, he/she will bring home an “author bag,” which contains everything he/she will need to write a book at home.  Bags go out on Friday and are due back the following Thursday (as per the regular homework routine).  Please ensure that author bags are returned on time, so others can have an opportunity to use them.  Students will be given an opportunity to read their home-authored stories to the class.  Then, their stories will become part of our classroom library, for a period of time.


On February 10th, we will be launching “The Great Spring Reading Challenge.”  The goal of this program is for students to complete 1,000 minutes of home reading by May 31st.  This may sound like a tall order, but just 13 minutes of reading per day will provide your child with more than enough hours to meet the challenge.  More details on the reading challenge will follow.


In the “Nelson Math Program,” we just completed a unit on adding and subtracting.  Our next two “Nelson” units are measurement and geometry.  This month, I will be making some minor changes to our weekly schedule.  One of these changes involves converting our Friday Math period into a math tutoring and math centres session.  While most students are engaged in math games and other activities that reinforce math learning, I will tutor small groups of students that need extra assistance with particular math concepts.  A new weekly schedule is printed on the reverse of this newsletter.


In Science, we are just finishing our unit on Liquids and Solids.  Our next unit is on Movement.  In Health, we are studying bullying, abuse and positive interactions with others.


We will be having a Valentine’s Party on February 14th.  Students are welcome to bring nut-free snacks to share with the class, on this occasion.  I have included a list of the students in our class, with this newsletter, in case your child would like to give valentine cards to his/her friends.  In February, we will also be celebrating the 100th day of school.  Details regarding 100th day activities will follow.




Margaret A. Black