Special Events

Field Trip

In October 2005, the Grade One's and Two's
went to the Orillia Opera House, to see the play "Cinderella"


Guest Speaker

In October and November 2005
"Officer Gerry," of the Ontario Provincial Police, 
came to the school to teach
Grade One and Two students about safety.


Field Trip

In November 2005, the Grade One's went to
The Muskoka Wildlife Centre
to learn about Canadian animals.


Wintry Snow Show

In December 2005, our class teamed up 
with Miss Milligan's Grade 2 class, 
to present a musical production 
entitled "Wintry Snow Show" 
at the school's Holiday Concert.


This is an original home reading program 
developed by Margaret Black in 2005. 
The 2006 challenge runs from 
February 10th to May 31st.
Click here to learn more!


"Once Upon a Story"

During the first week of May 2006,
our class participated in a school-wide
exhibition of student writing and art.
Pictured below is the display we
created for this occasion. 






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