December Newsletter 2005

Mrs. Black

Rama Central P.S., Rm. 104

Dear Parents,


Welcome to Term Two! 


In Language, Guided Reading groups are progressing nicely and those who require extra reading practice are continuing to receive small group tutoring, from Mrs. Trull, three times per week.  Those who are not involved in Mrs. Trull’s reading group are spending that timeslot engaged in “Reader’s Theatre.”  Two Reader’s Theatre groups have already presented plays to the rest of the Primary Department.  In writing, the Primary Department is engaged in a six week, intensive program geared toward teaching editing skills, reinforcing the correct use of capital letters and punctuation, and encouraging the use of conventional spelling.  In “Dictated Writing,” the class is currently authoring a story entitled, “Kidnapped.”  In the story, Santa and Mrs. Claus are kidnapped by a jealous elf, a week before Christmas. Our class comes to the rescue by travelling all the way to The North Pole, via Krazy Karpets pulled by pet dogs!  We hope to have this story completed and illustrated before the Christmas Break.  It will then be posted on our class web page.


Regarding home reading:  I’ve noticed that several of the students in our class have only exchanged a few classroom books, so far this year.  Others have exchanged their books almost daily.  Please ensure that your child is reading at home, for at least ten to fifteen minutes, every day. 


In Math, we are in the midst of a Numeration Unit.  To reinforce what we are learning in class, please
ensure that homework assignments are completed and continue following the advice, regarding the use of coins, presented in the November newsletter. 


In Science, Mrs. Hartley and the Grade One’s are almost finished their unit examining the characteristics and needs of living things.  I have moved into the second Science Unit, with the Grade Two’s.  It examines the properties of liquids and solids. 


In Health, we are studying hygiene and dental care, and also discussing bullying, to reinforce the Simcoe Board Character Trait of the month, which deals with inclusiveness.  In Gym, we are currently engaged in learning some cooperative group games.  We are also continuing to participate in walk/jog four days a week, as weather permits.


This year, the Primary Department will be participating in the Christmas Concert.  Our class will be joining forces with Miss Milligan’s Grade Two class, to present a musical entitled, “A Wintry Snow Show.” 
Information about the performance schedule can be found in the school’s December Newsletter.  Our class will be having a Christmas Party on Friday, December 23rd.  If you would like to provide a snack for the occasion, feel free to do so.  I have printed a class list on the reverse of this newsletter, in case your child is interested in giving seasonal greeting cards to his/her classmates.




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Simcoe Board Character Trait...

of the Month:  INCLUSIVENESS!