April 2006 Newsletter

Mrs. Black

Rama Central P.S., Rm. 104


This is the number of minutes the class has completed, thus far, in “The Great Spring Reading Challenge!”  I am so proud of all the children (and their parents) for rising to the challenge in such a big way!  Some of the most popular reading rewards, thus far, have been lunch with a friend, indoor recess with a friend, an extra turn as Special Helper and dollar store prizes.  Keep on reading, everyone!   :-)


In the “Nelson Math Program,” we are just completing a unit on addition and subtraction.  Our next unit, for both grades, is “Time and Money”  In Science, the Grade Two’s recently completed their unit on Energy and are now studying Movement (Structures and Mechanisms).  The Grade One’s, are just beginning a unit on Energy with Mrs. Hartley’s Grade One class.  In Health, we have been engaged in “Character Education” and will soon be starting a unit on Growth and Development.  In gym, we are participating in “Walk/jog,” almost daily and will soon be moving our gym periods outdoors, as weather permits  We will also be spending a couple of periods doing reading reflections outdoors, in the fresh air.  We haven’t done that since the fall, and students really enjoyed the change of scenery.


In writing, we are in the middle of a non-fiction unit.  Each student’s first project was an “All About Me” book.  The second project was a “How To” book about something he/she knows how to do well.  Our third project is a research report on Trumpeter Swans.  I showed students how to organize topics, take point-form notes from informational texts and express the information in their own complete sentences.  They are now in the writing process.  Our next project, which will commence as soon as Trumpeter Swan reports are complete, will be the biography.  Thank you to parents for assisting the children with the interview process, for this assignment.


The “Author’s Briefcase” has almost made the rounds, once, through the entire class.  Student-authored stories are currently part of our classroom library and are some of most popular materials, for both independent reading and reading with Grade five “book buddies.”  During the second round, students will be asked to use the Author’s Briefcase to write non-fiction “research reports.”  Students will be given a choice of informational texts (e.g. books about animals, weather, etc.) to take home, or they may choose favorite non-fiction books from their home library to summarize for the class. 



Margaret Black