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Track the monarchs and cranes via

Track the cranes via


via WWF Canada

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Monarchs and Whooping Cranes on Fall Migration
and the Wanderings of Polar Bears

We follow the migrations, in real time, via the internet and plot monarch and crane progress on side-by-side tracking maps in our school library.  Our tracking data for these species is obtained via maps and news reports posted on the Journey North website (monarchs and cranes), on the Operation Migration website (cranes).

A Grade 4 club member examining the latest
Journey North monarch roost map

We update our monarch tracking map weekly,
with observations sent to Journey North
by observers across North America.
Click here for mapping instructions.

We update our Whooping Crane tracking map daily, 
using data from the Journey North and Operation Migration 
websites..  We record the distance flown and the distance 
still to fly on the sign in the lower right corner of the map.


We also track the wanderings of Polar Bears being monitored, via satellite, by World Wildlife Fund Canada and plot their routes on a map.

Grade 2 club member examining the interactive map
on the Polar Bear Tracker website

We update our Polar Bear tracking map monthly.

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