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Monarchs, Whooping Cranes and Polar Bears

Club and enrichment students are all involved in researching the characteristics and behaviours of cranes, monarchs and Polar Bears.  Our main source of mapping and journaling questions for the cranes and monarchs is Journey North's news reports.  Monarch reports are issued every Friday and Whooping Crane reports are issued daily during migration season.  

World Wildlife Fund Canada's Polar Bear Tracker website and World Wildlife Fund International's Canon Kids' Zone website, are our main sources of information, mapping and journaling questions about Polar Bears.  (NOTE:  The "Kids' Zone" site is loaded with online games, lesson plans and fact sheets related to Polar Bears and climate change.  Navigate to the "parents and teachers" section to access these resources.)  

See also the "Links" section of this website for a list of online information sources.

Grade 5-8 enrichment students examining their research folders

Grade 5 enrichment students researching 
the answer to a Journey North challenge question
about how to tell male and female monarchs apart

Grade 7 enrichment student researching
the answers to a Journey North crane quiz

Grade 2 club member researching 
the potential impact of climate change on Polar Bears

Grade 4 club members researching other 
migration-monitoring models
("HEY... isn't that MRS. BLACK???")

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