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Reporting our Findings

Students in migration clubs and enrichment groups are engaged in journaling and mapping on a regular basis.  Some enrichment students have also expressed a desire to create research papers or displays about monarchs, cranes and Polar Bears. They are welcome to pursue any avenue of research they desire and to find creative ways to report their findings. 

Grade 3 enrichment student, Denver,
with the folder in which he organizes
his journal responses and research notes

Additionally, students in the Grade 3 enrichment group are responsible for writing and reading weekly migration status reports on the morning announcements.  This provides these students with experience in summarizing events and public speaking and keeps the entire school informed of the latest migration developments.

Grade 3 enrichment group member, Sara,
reading a migration report on the morning announcements
(That's our Principal, Mrs. Preston, holding the microphone)

At the suggestion of a school board "gifted programming coordinator," the students in Mrs. Black's Grade 5-8 enrichment group are planning to produce a display or power point presentation about the history of ultralight-guided migration (a Canadian innovation), for a history fair that is being held at a local museum in April.  Our principal is very excited about this idea.  She suggested that, in the spring,  we take a field trip to Port Perry, Ontario (about an hour's drive from the school) to interview Joe Duff for our project.  Stay tuned for further details...












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