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Can you beat the cranes from Necedah, Wisconsin to Dunnellon, Florida?  I bet you can!  All you have to do is complete 1, 234 minutes of reading before the cranes complete their 1,234 mile migration.  That's just 20 minutes of reading per day, if the cranes finish in mid-December... a bit more if they finish earlier... a bit less if they finish later.

Here are some calendars to help you keep track of the race:

Operation Migration has a map of the migration route here.  Print it and plot your progress, alongside that of the cranes, to see who is ahead.

Have a terrific reading challenge!

Mrs. Black

P.S.  All the kids in my school who beat the cranes to Dunnellon get to come to a party to celebrate the cranes' arrival!!! 

Grade 6 student, Emma, predicts that she will arrive in Florida
at least a week ahead of the cranes.  GO, Emma, GO!

JANUARY 28, 2008:  

Emma's prediction was wrong!  She did NOT beat the cranes to Florida by a week.  In fact, she made three "round trips" from Wisconsin to Florida, and was on her fourth southbound trek down the map when the cranes finally arrived in Dunnellon!!  Way to go, Emma!

Seventeen of the twenty-five students who signed on for the challenge "beat the cranes to Florida."  Those students hailed from Grades 2-6.  Between them, reading challenge participants completed ALMOST 40,000 MINUTES OF HOME READING.  This massive number is particularly astounding because, at our school, the reading challenge was a voluntary extra-curricular activity, above and beyond homework that classroom teachers assigned!!!  



At any time of the year, students are welcome to peruse a wide variety of Arctic, Polar Bear, monarch and migration-related print resources, available through our school library.  During the fall monarch and crane migrations the displays in our library also provide interesting reading, and print versions of Journey North slide shows and news reports are available through the school library, classroom libraries, and as take-home reading resources.  

Grade 2 Science students reading the library display 
explaining the annual cycle of the Monarch Butterfly

Journey North booklets and news reports
on display in the library 
The monarch news binder is updated weekly.
The crane news binder is updated daily.

Grade 4 club members reading 
Journey North Monarch Butterfly booklets

Grade 2 students reading printed  copies of 
Journey North Whooping Crane news reports

Grade 3 enrichment group members reading "Magic School Bus"
books about Polar Bears and the arctic


Each week, club and enrichment students have an opportunity to explore Journey North's online news reports about the monarch and crane migrations and biologist Dr. Peter EwIns' updates on the Polar Bears.

Grade 3 club students reading
Journey North Whooping Crane news reports

Grade 2 club member reading one of 
"Dr. Pete's" Polar Bear reports


Students involved in migration clubs and enrichment groups also have opportunities to explore Journey North's online slide shows about cranes and monarchs.

Grade 3 enrichment group members viewing a new
Journey North slide show entitled 
"How High Do Monarchs Fly?"

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