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 class project page

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  for individuals and small groups

Track the monarchs and cranes via

Track the cranes via


via WWF Canada

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 Please support Operation Migration

Please support
World Wildlife Fund Canada
Support WWF Canada



Migration Project Displays
within our School


Student-helpers posting Migration Club advertisements
in the hallways

Sign-up area for lunch hour Migration Clubs,
outside Mrs. Black's classroom



Monarch Butterfly and Whooping Crane bulletin boards

Journey North booklets and news reports
on display in the library

The monarch board

These graphics and descriptions
are from a Journey North slide show.

The monarch tracking map
Instructions re: how to construct this map
are located on the Journey North website.

Photos and book jackets.
Many such photos are available on the
Journey North website.

The Whooping Crane board

Most of these graphics and descriptions
are from the Journey North website.

The crane tracking map

These pictures came from various web pages
and the Operation Migration calendar.
The Fall 2007 calendar pages are used 
to record no-fly days and flight distances.

Last year's paper mache crane,
hanging out in the library
with two of this years' creations.

The Polar Bear display

The Polar Bear tracking map


8 X 10" photos of club and enrichment group members
engaged in migration-related activities

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