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Comparing Migrations

After their first club/enrichment meetings, students took home the information booklets "Whooping Crane Comeback" and "The Miracle of Monarch Migration."  The homework assignment, for all students, was to read both booklets, think about the intro. Mrs. Black provided at the first meeting, and come to the second meeting with a mental or written list of ways in which the monarch and crane migrations are similar and differ from each other.  

Second weekly meetings began with a Venn Diagram exercise, exploring student ideas. Clubs engaged in a group discussion and then recorded their ideas on a single, large Venn Diagram; enrichment students each recorded their thoughts on a small version of the Venn Diagram and then engaged in a group discussion about what they wrote.  Enrichment students will keep these diagrams in their folders, so they can revisit them with new ideas, throughout the migrations; club members will revisit their answers, via their chart paper Venn diagrams.  

Grade 3 club member, Kristopher, scribing for the group

Grade 3 club Venn Diagram

Grade 7 enrichment group member, Peter, 
completing his individual Venn Diagram

Downloadable Individual Venn Diagram .doc file:

In early-November, when the monarchs completed migration and monitoring of the Polar Bears began, students started to consider the similarities and differences between the annual movements of monarchs, cranes and Polar Bears (who are nomads, rather than migrators).

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