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Delirium Sonnet I: O Portage!

Behold the portage in all its splendour:
Boulder-strewn path, overgrown and soggy;
The longer the better; how our hearts soar.
O Portage! We can't help but love thee.
From lake to lake you allow us to roam:
O'er ridges and valleys, fields and woodlands;
You lead us gently 'round rapids, t'ward home.
O Portage! Our loyalty you command.
You test our mettle, and fill us with pride:
Five thousand metres our feet did ascend;
We dragged our canoe up that rugged hillside.
O Portage! Your honour we will defend.
What folly is this? I must be insane,
Or else, I've done too much portaging today!

© Margaret A. Black (nee Kean) 1997

                   Portaging sign

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