Canoe Trip Log #2:
Killarney Provincial Park
June 29 - July 2, 1998


Round Trip -- Bell Lake to David Lake, via Three Mile and Balsam Lakes; back via David Creek


Chris, Louise, Margaret, Marjie and Margaret's Springer Spaniel


1 X 17.5' Bluewater Freedom Tripper (42 lbs.)  Bluewater Canoe Company
1 X 16.5' Swift Kipawa (48 lbs.)  Swift Canoe Co.

DAY 1 (Monday)

Travel: Bell Lake to Balsam Lake, via Three Mile Lake

Time: 1:40 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. = 2 hrs, 5 min.
(NOTE: Times in this Trip Log are based upon two trips across each portage -- one with canoe and food; one with gear)

Weather: Warm, partly cloudy, calm until 3 p.m.; very windy from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.; alternating periods of wind and calm between 7 p.m. and sunset

Canoe distance: 6.5 km

Portages: 1

Portage distance: 30m

Camp: Balsam Lake, site #115... Pretty site on a point, with a great view of the sunset. Lots of room for two tents.

Supper: Pita pizzas, Smores

Camp events, evening: Campfire

Quotes of the day:

"I don't like you... I LOVE YOU!!!"
(Louise, yelling at Margaret's dog in the tent!)

"Alien abduction!"
(Louise to Margaret, as Margaret takes a picture in the tent, at night, using the strobe-like 'red eye reduction' flash mode.)

NOTE: We think Louise ate far too many smores before bed!!!

Overnight weather: Warm, calm, short period of rain

Overnight event: Margaret's dog sleeps on Louise's head for most of the night!

DAY 2 (Tuesday)

Travel: Balsam Lake to David Lake

Time: 9:40 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. = 2 hrs, 50 min.

Weather: Warm, partly cloudy, calm until about 4 p.m.; windy from 4 p.m. until sunset

Canoe distance: 6.5 km

Portages: 1

Portage distance: 660m
(This portage looks intimidating from the Balsam Lake end, but after a short, steep uphill section it levels out and then eases downhill toward David Lake. Footing is good and the trail is very wide and open.)

Travel events: Blue heron sighting in marsh en route to portage

Camp: David Lake, site #100... Very scenic island site with a cove on one side, lake expanse in front and open channel on the other side. Nice view of the sunset down the channel. Morning sun on the fire pit area. Room for two small tents near the fire pit. Room for one larger tent in the treed area behind.

Quote of the day:

"Cheese for coffee!"
(Margaret shouting across the lake when she realizes that we are quite over-stocked on cheese, but desperately short on coffee -- no one came by to make a trade.)

"Cheese for Coffee" cartoon

Supper: Minestroni and Garden Vegetable Soup, garlic bread with left over mozzarella cheese from last night's supper, hot cinnamon rolls

Camp events, evening: Swimming, Campfire

Overnight weather: Mild, slightly breezy

Bizarre overnight event: Louise, Margaret and Margaret's dog are awakened at 4 a.m. by a raven and a whip-poor-will that are engaged in what sounds like an argument, in the trees above the tent. Margaret's dog jumps all over Louise! Shortly, a loon that is positioned on the water, very close to camp, issues a loud call that Margaret interprets as "shut up... I'm trying to sleep!" The raven and the whip-poor-will fall silent and Louise, Margaret and Margaret's dog fall back to sleep.

"4 a.m. Wake-Up Call" cartoon

DAY 3 (Wednesday) CANADA DAY!

Our day off!

Weather: Warm, breezy most of the day

Morning events: A group of canoeists paddle toward our site and shout "Happy Canada Day!" Margaret pulls a paper Canada Day banner, flags and red and white balloons from her pack. We sing "O Canada" with the canoeists, as they pass by our camp. A couple of the canoeists stand in their canoes, hand on heart, as they sing!

Afternoon events: Margaret elects to stay in camp, with her dog, to rest and do some writing. Chris, Louise and Marjie explore the south-west shore of David Lake by canoe, hike from the 565m portage entrance on David Lake up the first hill to the south-east, via the backpacking trail (nice view of both David and Boundary Lakes from there), swim and pick blueberries near backpacking site #34.

Supper: Rice and lentil dish, garlic bread with cheddar cheese (will we ever finish the cheese?!), hot Canada Day bannock turnovers, with home made raspberry or strawberry jam filling, icing sugar decoration and fresh-picked blueberries, on the side

Camp events, evening: Continuing our cheese-theme... cheesy song/poetry writing and presentations! Chris and Marjie write a song/rap number about camping with Louise and Margaret; Louise and Margaret write a limerick about camping with Chris and Marjie. Compositions are performed around the evening campfire...

Chris and Marjie
by Louise and Margaret

There once were two girls in Killarney,
Whose names were Chris and Marjie,
They didn't sleep there,
They were a-scared of "the bear,"
Have you ever heard of such Blarney?!

Cheese and snacks were aplenty,
To the toilet often they wenty,
Cinnamon rolls for dessert,
Their waistlines were hurt,
For a bear, a target heaven-senty!

Setting up tents in the camp,
Tarps to shield from the damp,
The girls observed all
Took notes to recall
To show Mario and Mark whose the champ!!

(For Louise and Margaret)
by Chris and Marjie

(To the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight":)
In the forest, Killarney forest,
No one sleeps at night!
We ate too many Smores
And Margaret snores,
And Louise -- don't cut the cheese!
One's so giddy, and one's so gabby,
They both are such a tease!

Margaret is the organizer of the camping trip.
Building things and fixing things --
She's surely not a drip.
The Martha Stewart of the North --
Desserts are served with flair,
But when you plan a day long hike --
She's not there!

Now -- Let me tell you 'bout Louise,
A camping girl at heart:
Fire-starter, storyteller; we've never heard her fart!
She loves to laugh and share a joke
And shares her bed with Da Dawg,
When everyone else is all stressed out --
She passes out like a log.

(To the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight":)
In the forest, Killarney forest,
The camping trip grinds to an end.
By the fire we'll say our good-byer --
Hope we see each other again!
The End!

Camp: Same site as last night... David Lake, site #100

Quotes of the day:

"Let's go to the next point."
(Chris, Louise and Marjie, while searching at length for the 565m portage entrance on the south-west shore of David Lake.)

"You didn't have to hit me THAT hard!!!"
(Margaret to Louise, after Louise kills a deer fly by smacking it when it lands on Margaret's head!)

"Chris, please hand me my catheter bag."
(Marjie, referring to her rather medical-looking 2.5 litre clear plastic Platypus water carrier.)

Overnight weather: Mild and very calm

Camp event, the following morning: During the night, Margaret's dog manages to take over Louise's sleeping pad and pillow! Louise wakes up in the space between the sleeping pads, in the centre of the tent. David Lake is as smooth as glass...

DAY 4 (Thursday)

Travel: David Lake to Bell Lake, via David Creek

Time: 9:50 a.m. - 1 p.m. = 3 hrs, 10 min.

Weather: Warm, sunny, no wind at all until 11 a.m.; slightly breezy from 11 a.m. on

Canoe distance: 7 km

Portages: 2

Portage distance: 200m + 745m = 945m
(Both portages are wide and relatively flat with good footing.)

Travel events: The glassy surface of Lake David is awe-inspiring... the reflections really enhance the beauty of the surrounding hills.

Quote of the day:

Louise to Chris: "Did you sleep last night?"
Chris: "It was fitful... but it WAS sleep."

TRIP TOTALS (over 3 of 4 days)

Canoeing/portaging travel time: 8 hrs, 5 min.

Canoe distance: 20 km

Portages: 4

Portage distance: 1640m

Overall canoeing/portaging distance: 22 km (92% water travel; 8% portages)

NOTE: In calm weather, such as we experienced during our travel periods, this would be an ideal route for beginning-trippers. However, high winds and waves are common in Killarney Park... progress could be hindered by wind.

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