Animal Shelter Plaque

Gordon adopted his beloved "Buddy the cat" from the local animal shelter.  He affectionately referred to Buddy as his "first born," because Buddy was Gordon's sole companion before his dog, Margaret and her dog, and his daughter entered his life.

Buddy's death was as sudden and as unexpected as Gordon's.  Six months to the day before Gordon died, nine year old Buddy went to the veterinarian's to have his teeth cleaned.  When he was coming out of the anesthetic, his heart arrested, for no apparent reason.  The veterinarian managed to resuscitate Buddy, but he arrested again a couple hours later, and died.

Gordon was absolutely devastated by the loss of his oldest "child."  Following Gordon's death, Margaret decided to honour both he and Buddy, by arranging to have a memorial plaque to the two of them mounted on the wall inside the local animal shelter.