Home Life

This is a poem written for Margaret, dated February 16, 2000:

-  'Cat', in verse 3, stands for Arctic Cat snowmobile;
-  the car was in the garage, because it wouldn't start;
-  Casey the dog's 'suckie', in verse 6, 
    is a sweatshirt she sucks when she's happy!

This morning I woke to a fine winter's scene
Our pets seemed as happy as I
The dogs had their breakfast, the cat had a preen
Outside was a bright blue sky

As I sat with my tea, taking in this fine view
I pondered what this day would bring
The only joy came when my thoughts turned to you
I polished my wedding ring

With the chores complete, we all went outside
Shoveled snow, while the dogs romped and played
Started the 'Cat'... round the house for a ride
On the deck is where our 'Casey' stayed

Back into the house after having our fun
Phone flashing a message for me
Dreading this call... first thought was to run
Caller 'would not' be saying... "It's free"

I punched in the codes, and gritted my teeth
"Come pick up your car... it is done"
"T'was a wire came loose".. said a mechanic named Keith
"Probably 'squirrels' just having their fun"

Well, as you can guess, I was jumping with joy
Dogs and cat watched me dancing for glee
Casey dove for her 'sucky'... Scratch went for a toy
Buddy crawled in his box for a pee

After all's said and done, all is well in our home
Car's parked, trails are groomed... 'What a life'
Contentment inspired me to write you this poem
My best friend, my companion... my wife!