In Gordon's Words...

This is an excerpt from a letter to Margaret, dated November 19, 1998:

"Time to let you in on something, that I think no one else in the world knows about me!  To the outside world... I seem the big, strong, confident and 'together' guy... tough as nails, and perhaps even a bit cold!  The reality is... I am 'extremely' sensitive to what goes on around me!"

"Acts of kindness, compassion, and love towards animals and humanity, never fail to reach deep inside me, and squeeze a few drops of the salty stuff from me eyes!  Bottom line, Dear M... 'I'm a big Scottish 'Softie'... hard on the outside... a soft filling within!"

This is a poem, written to Margaret, on February 27, 1999:

Staring out my bedroom window,
many thoughts emerge entwined.
Of life... of love... of sanity,
buried deep within my mind.

Confusion seems to reign supreme,
there seems no road to take.
Trapped in my own secluded world,
in the centre of a cosmic lake.

Yet I see a dim light, and it beckons me forth,
I can feel it's warmth from here.
Within that light, I can sense a friend,
yes, it is... it's another deer.

Shall I abandon seclusion, can I break down these walls,
built so solid from decades of tears.
To embrace love once more, and to trust in that light...
to belay my deepest of fears.

This may be my last chance for happiness,
and I know this only too well.
So I'm swimming towards the light that I see,
will I make it... time will tell.