The following is Gordon's proposal of marriage, dated April 16, 1999, which he presented to Margaret over dinner, at a nice restaurant:

M. Deer to Emmdeer

The comfort that's felt.. knowing that you are there.
The things that you do... just to show me you care.
The honesty between us... so wonderful to share.
The souls of us both, have we laid open bare.

I'd given up hope... thought, 'For me, it's too late.'
I'd live out my last years... as predicted by fate.
When out of the darkness, after 'such' a long wait.
Came the girl of my dreams... my true 'soul mate.'

I've at last found my true love, and me heart is set free.
I'll be loyal to death, Emm... that's a promise from me.
The time has now come, and the next question you see.
My Deerest, sweet Emm........... "Will you marry me?"

Following Margaret's acceptance of Gordon's proposal, he nervously placed a ring box, containing an engagement band and matching wedding band, on the table, and proceeded to tell her what "the lady at the store" told him each ring was for.  Margaret cut him off, and told him that he didn't need to explain the rings to her... girls know the difference between engagement and wedding bands and when and how each is worn!