Death: Philosophy

This passage was found on a faded, crumpled page of practice typing exercises Gordon probably completed circa. 1980, after he purchased his Smith Corona portable electric typewriter.  Margaret found the page among Gordon's personal papers, fifteen months after his death.  She couldn't help but chuckle when she read the last sentence... it was just so Gordon!:

"For the first time in my existence, I have found no real reason to worry about what the outcome of my life will be.  For the understanding I have with myself is that I am not really here.  This imaginary life we seem to be living can not be real.  It's just a dream (a long, long dream) that we or some other being is having.  It's just like a very complex video game where no matter how many problems we overcome, there are still billions of obstacles we have to face before we reach the end of the game, which in our case, results in our death, or that's what this unreality will have us believe.  Well anyway, whoever dreamed me up can have their fun for now, but I hope they wake up before it gets to the part where I think about this too deeply and fffrrrrreeeeeaaaakoouuuutttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is an excerpt from a letter to Margaret, addressing the sudden death of one of her co-workers.  The letter is dated November 19, 1998:

"I am all too familiar with the situation you are now in.  I have, in the past three years, watched 'way' too many familiar souls pass away in the blink of an eye... most of whom I had spoken to, and joked with, just the day before it happened!  'The penny has dropped', in that every moment of 'life' should be treasured... for it can be taken from us so quickly, and without warning!"

"I am not a very religious man, M... (if I can't see, or touch it... it's not real) but I do find myself hoping, in times of loss... that someone 'is' harvesting all these souls, and life (on another plane) 'does' exist!  I guess that question will only be answered when I take that trip myself!"

This was found on the hard drive of Gordon's computer, following his death.  It is dated July 11, 2002, less than two months before his fatal accident:

"Profound Thought!
I have surmised that we are all a part of 'God'!!!
We are each merely one cell of an organism!
Which is made up of billions of cells!
Which 'is' the God of our understanding!!!
Cells are, as we are well aware, created/die, and are reborn again...
to continue this process of 'being'!"